The three days trade fair RENEXPO® Poland 2016 includes the 6th Polish Hydropower Conference, the 1st International Energy Storage Congress in Poland and a  Career Zone.

6th Polish Hydropower Conference (2-days conference):
The hydropower conferences have become part of the annual major events in the field of hydropower engineering in the country. They became a platform for a lively debate on the burning issue of hydropower sector problems in Poland, in the light of legal and administrative requirements, but also opportunities arising from hydropower potential, technology, economic and environmental conditions.

1st International Energy Storage Congress in Poland:
The event will be held on 20 October 2016. The conference will discuss the potential of energy storage in Poland, i.a. in the light of the RES Law, Responsible Development Plan and Electromobility Development Plan in Poland. The presented issues will include research directions and solutions in the field of energy storage in Europe and all over the world, both in terms of large-scale energy storage, as well as home use storage devices. 

Career Zone:
During the three days of the trade fair will be organised by REECO with ''Teraz Środowisko'' the Career Zone, which will be a perfect opportunity for thinking over own professional career or finding a new job. On 20.10.2016 in the Career Zone will be held interesting presentations among others about the trends on the labour market in the renewable energy sector in Poland and the world, about demand for workers and the most sought after competencies and also are planned workshops where will be discussed the types of professions in the RES sector and the requirements of employers. Specialists and advisors present in the Zone will help to get to know the tendencies on the labour market and identify the most prospective professions of the environment protection sector. Placing the job offers in the 'Career Zone' 'is free! Job offers of the RENEXPO Poland's Exhibitors will be specially highlighted and presented in the Newsletter of ''Teraz Środowisko''.

Additionally during the RENEXPO Poland 2016:


19. Oktober 2016 bis 21. Oktober 2016

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