Forschung & Entwicklung


Im Forschungsprojekt "Fischschutz und Fischabstieg in Österreich" wird die Thematik des Fischabstieges in österreichischen Fließgewässern erstmals genauer untersucht.

Grundlagen & Aktivitäten

The International Year of the Salmon (IYS) is an initiative to inform and stimulate outreach and research that aspires to establish the conditions necessary to ensure the resilience of salmon and people throughout the Northern Hemisphere. We want to bring people together, share and develop knowledge, raise awareness and take action.

2019 is the focal year of the IYS, with research and outreach continuing through to 2022.

Further information: International Year of the Salmon's website


From 24 to 26 September 2019, the international conference on dam removal and the restauration of the Sélune river takes place in Brittany and Normandy (Rennes / Avranches – Mont Saint Michel). This conference will feature the Sélune dams removals project. Many other examples from France and abroad will be the basis of inspirational exchanges and debate. This colloquium in both French and English is targeted at experts, scientists, managers, NGOs, government representatives, but also users of the Sélune river.